Yorkie Puppies for sale| JaLa Yorkshire Terriers (2024)

Yorkie Puppies for sale| JaLa Yorkshire Terriers (1)

Life is short, Buy the puppy...

Retired female available

We have a retired female (Bindi) available to just the right home for her - she is 4 years old, spayed, recent dental cleaning and current on all vaccinations as well as heartworm prevention. She will require some house training in her new home.

Yorkie Puppies for sale| JaLa Yorkshire Terriers (3)

If you are interested in waiting for just the rightpuppy from one of our upcoming litters thenplease carefully read the information below about our puppies and breeding programbefore inquiring or contacting us.

You will also find the link to our Application which is the first step towards being placed on our waiting list. You can expect to hear from us in 1-2 weeks after submitting an application.

Yorkie Puppies for sale| JaLa Yorkshire Terriers (4)

All of our Pet Puppies are:

* Vet checked multiple times
* Complete blood panel performed - checking liver, kidneys and more!
* Completely vaccinated by a veterinarian every time
* Well socialized and spoiled - raised using the principles of Puppy Culture
* Started on pad training

* Come from parents that are current on health care with yearly health screening including routine blood work prior to every litter.
* Written health guarantee for 3 years

* Lifetime breeder support - we loved them first!

Our Philosophy...sound mind, sound body

Unlike many 'breeders' we send our puppies home when they are about 12-16 weeks old,
unless they are smaller, than they will stay here with us longer. In our opinion it is very irresponsible
of any breeder to send home a Yorkie puppy that is less than 12 weeks old or less than 2 lbs.
While we do not breed for smaller Yorkies they do sometimes happen and we will wait to place
these puppies in their new homes when they are completely ready.

There are many benefits to taking home a more mature puppy.
They are easier to potty train, make the transition home easier, and are much easier to care for.
These puppies will receive more vaccines and be better prepared for you to start socializing them.

It's just one more way we can ensure that our puppies stay healthy, happy pets.

Not all Yorkie puppies are created equal!
If you've taken the time to look at many different breeders and speak with several of
them you will see the differences are quite clear. Many breeders breed just to produce puppies and cut corners in the areas of health, general care and the AKC standard in order to gain a profit.

Our breeding goals are much different than most breeders!
We strive to produce healthy, sound and happy Yorkies that breed true to their
standard and their original purpose. We put a lot of time, work and money into our dogs and all of
our puppies. JaLa puppies will still look like Yorkies when they are adults (not all do). Just
remember if the price is too good to be true than it probably is! We put a lot of extra care into our puppies and in selecting the dogs we choose to breed. No breeding is taken lightly or done to just produce puppies for sale. We breed with specific goals for the breed in mind.

We will not ship our puppies - our puppies are required to be picked up in person.

We are willing to meet you at a local airport such as South Bend International Airport (no extra fees apply) or Chicago Midway, Chicago O'Hare or Detroit DTW (delivery fee may apply). We can also meet you part way if you are driving from a longer distance as well as a courtesy.

Our puppies are currently priced at $3500 for pets, males or females.

If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list - please click the link to fill in our application.

Beware of breeders promising qualities in puppies that are merely weeks old.
No one can guarantee size, coat or color on a yorkie that is still growing and changing.
If you are looking to buy a yorkie for show then please go and see the dog in person, and
PLEASE do not buy a yorkie less than 6 months old for show. You will more than likely be disappointed if
you do. Quality can't be rushed, it takes patience and a lot of dedication.

If you would like to follow our yorkies and see the most recent news (puppies),
then follow us on Facebook & Instagram, you can find us here:

JaLa Yorkies Application
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Yorkie Puppies for sale| JaLa Yorkshire Terriers (2024)
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