Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (2024)

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (1)

An explanation of all of the new achievements in the game as well as how to get them. As well as some pointers and hints for some of the more annoying to find quest items. Need help finding where the Eyes/ telescope/ radio parts are? This is the right place!

Achievement Overview (Contains tagged spoilers)

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (2)
Welcome To Kuwait
Find your way to Kuwait.

One of the simplest achievements on the list. Simply load up the Kuwait map and you will get this achievement.

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (3)
Fish out a formidable foe.

This achievement is (fairly) simple also. This achievement will trigger when you hand in the ‘Apex Predator’ quest at the Icarus safezone. To do this you need to start the fishing quest, fish out the fiberglass rod parts, make the fiberglass rod, and fish out a shark. (which turns out to be a plushie). The drop chances are decently low, so this one could very easily take a while.

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (4)
Feline Friends
Feed the cats some fish or milk.

This achievement is (fairly) simple also. This achievement will trigger when you feed one of the cats on the Icarus safezone island. To feed the cat you need to have some milk on you, and then interact with one of the cats as you would any NPC (‘F’ key by default) and a ‘feed the cat some milk’ option will appear. Click this option and you will get the achievement.

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (5)
Dinosaur Juice
Maybe not the best drink.

To get this achievement you just need to drink some bottled oil. Which can be aquired at the oil fields.

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (6)
Home Decor
Craft some cute decor.

To get this achievement you just need some plastic. I’m not sure if you need to craft all three of the things on the achievement, but I crafted all three, and got the achievement when I put down the ‘puzzle trophy’. All of these items will appear in the ‘furniture’ category of the crafting menu, and require plastic, as well as some other components such as cloth. The boquet of flowers requires some of the flowers that can be foraged from bushes. The achievement should pop once you place down (either one or all) of the following; Dino trophy, Boquet of flowers, Puzzle trophy.

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (7)
Always Watching
EYE; Sea; You.

This achievement is unlocked by following the ‘Survivors’ Questline (a more in-depth explanation of this can be found under the ‘Quest help’ section). The achievement will unlock once you collect all three eyes and turn in the quest at the quest-giver. Note, the position of the quest-giver changes after you finish the quest from inside the survivor’s hideout to the top of the mountain just outside the survivors hideout, he will be lying in some pillows.

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (8)
Familiar Faces
Contact the Coalition on Kuwait… Eye; SEA; You.

This achievement is unlocked by following through both the main questline at the Icarus safezone as well as the Survivor questline (a more in-depth explanation of this can be found under the ‘Quest help’ section). The achievement will unlock once you talk to the Major on the shore of the Icarus safezone island after repairing the radio, and setting it up. To repair the radio you need to have done the ‘The Eyes’ quest, and talked to Weston of the survivors where you will see a new option ‘Can I borrow the radio parts’. Where they will say that they do not trust you with them, but they trust someone with White Hair. This is a hint at the spec-ops agent located on Icarus near Isaac. More on this in the ‘Quest Help’ section

Quest Help (Spoilers, Beware)

When looking for the telescope parts, they can be found as per the screenshots below
Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (9)

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (10)

The parts will be exactly where I am looking in the screenshot

The ‘Survivor Camp’ area is found below
Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (11)

Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide! (12)

The Eye Locations
To collect an ‘Eye Evidence’, you need to locate the respective blue translucent orbs, and press ‘interact’ (default ‘F’) on it. This will need to be done for all 3 ‘Eyes’.

1. The first eye is located right outside the survivors camp. As soon as you exit the camp, look in front of you and you will see a translucent blue orb in the air above a rock.

2. The second eye is located in Hawally, in the center right near the market. You will see an eye graffiti on the wall as well as a floating orb above it.

3. The third (and final) eye is located in Kuwait City. It is located in the South-Western four story building on the boarded up floor. The way you get there is by going up the stairs, then entering the floor below the boarded up one, and climbing the ladder in the elevator shaft. In there, you will see a bunch of screens on one side, and the orb in the middle of the room. Collect it.

To hand in the quest, you need to return to the survivor camp shown on the map above. However, you will not find the quest-giver in the cave any more, instead, he will be on the hill just above the cave, lying in some pillows. Go to him and turn in the quest.

Getting the Radio Parts (and special radio components)
To get the ‘Special Parts’, you need to have completed Three of Isaac’s Special Assignments. (i.e. you need to have done the ‘Kill 3 hordes in Kuwait City’ quest for him. The first radio parts can be found in the hardware store in Hawally, which is right in the center of the city/ The parts are hidden behind some boxes on a shelf. After you have assembled the radio, you need to put it up on a broadcasting station in the south-western part of the map. It is an unmarked location but can be found by looking at two grey buildings, one slightly diagonal to the other in the middle of the desert. However, to place the radio you will need ‘special parts’. And a certain someone wearing an Ushanka has run off with them. This certain someone is the ‘The Eye’ Quest giver. After he has gone completely crazy (after you’ve completed the ‘eyes’ quest), you can talk to Weston (The main equipment person in the Survivors camp) about borrowing said parts. However, Weston will not trust you with them, but instead want you to bring ‘someone with white hair’. This ‘someone’ is the special-ops agent at Icarus next to Isaac. Talk to them, and they will go to the survivor camp. Head to the survivor camp, and Weston will give you the parts. After this go to the radio tower in the desert, set up the radio, and go report back to Icarus safezone!

Doing the Horde Quests for Isaac
Throughout the questlines for Isaac and his crew, you will need to do 2 tasks about eliminating hordes. To do this, you need to place down a Horde Beacon item. You will need 4 total (if you succeed every time). Try to get a building foor where the zombies can’t get to you so you can easily wait for them all to spawn, then train them. Make sure you pack a lot of ammo and meds.

Not sure where to find the missing kids?
Hallawy, On top of 2 roofs. One is on the roof of one of the stores in the center, and one of the others is on the red ‘canopy’ on one of the tall buildings.

Radio is repaired and set-up. Where do I ‘go to the shore’?!?!?
The Coalition make landfall on the Eastern side of the Icarus safezone Island, to get the ‘Familiar Faces’ achievement, just go over there and talk to the major.

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This is all about Unturned – Kuwait Achievement Guide!; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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