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Super Comic Gekijou: Star Ocean - Till the End of Time - Director's Cut add Manga 1 -

sh*tateya Koubou add

Included one-shots: Volume 1: sh*tateya Koubou (pilot) Volume 2: Jinx Game

Manga 13 6.85

Heavy Object: Dengeki Comic Anthology add

An anthology comic of Heavy Object by various mangaka.

Manga 1 -

Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex add

Stand Alone Complex takes place in the year 2030, in the fictional Japanese city of New Port. The story follows the members of Public Security Section 9, a special-operations task-force made up of more.

Manga 5 7.26

Sakurada Reset: Cat, Ghost and Revolution Sunday add

Nearly half the population of Sakurada, a small town near the Pacific Ocean, has some sort of unique power. These powers range from being able to enter the mind of a cat, to resetting the world back more.

Manga 2 -

Code Geass: Soubou no Oz add

Code Geass: Soubou no Oz is a spin-off that was published in Hobby Japan magazine and Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype Ace magazine. The story takes place between the first and second season of the TV more.

Manga 5 6.60

Shokuryou Jinrui Re add

The usual school, the usual classroom, the usual classmates...but something seems a bit off... When a boy realizes the source of his anxiety, he finally puts it to words. "I'm scared to die." The more.

Manga 7 6.94

Swimming add

1. Anne-chan Tarou 2. Getsu, Sui, Kin wa Swimming (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is Swimming) 3. Hanseish*te Kameda-kun 4. Kirawaremono no Magiru 5. Madoka-san wa Shiranai

Manga 1 6.75

Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de 2-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki desu ka? add

What would you do if you got transported into a video game...with your mom?? That's the dilemma facing high schooler Masato Oosuki, who has been unwittingly thrown into an RPG world with his doting more.

Manga 5 6.11

Bone Collection add One-shot - -

Kaiketsu! Suzunari Gakuen Tantei-bu add

The Suzunari high school detective club which consists of three good looking high school students; Suzaku Tachibana, Kouhei Hiba, Soutaro Tsubaki, and a cat called Boo-chan. Boo-chan holds the power more.

Manga 9 -

Sotomura Tanteisha no Manekarezaru Kyaku add

Kei Matsuda is a private investigator who specializes in quirky cases centered on his local neighborhood around the shopping arcade. He's recently taken on a new roommate (and lover) named Kamiko more.

Manga 1 -

Occultic;Nine add

The story takes place in Kichijoji. Dreaming day and night of getting rich very quickly, Yuuta Gamon, a 2nd year high school student, owner of an affiliation blog called Kiri Kiri Basara, takes more.

Light Novel 3 7.49

Marvel x Shounen Jump+ Super Collaboration add

An anthology of short stories about Marvel characters written by Shounen Jump+ authors. 1. Marvel x Shounen Jump Collaboration Kinen: Marvel Henshuuchou ni Interview sh*tekimash*ta! [Sakurai Takeshi] more.

Manga 1 7.10

Kishin Gakuen Tantei Club add Manga 1 -

H.O.M.E: Habitant of Melting Ecstasy add

1. Suzuki-san 2. Imouto_Play 3. Shoujo Sunny 4. Cheer! 5. Shoujo Mellow 6. Shoujo Melody 7. Tooooooooooko! 8. Shoujo Fake 9. Is This Love 10. Aramaki-san to Youko-chan

Manga 1 -

Dragon Collection: Ryuu wo Suberumono add

Arata was just your normal high schooler, until one day when things started to move. He gets entangled in a phone game called "Dragon Collection". With his only redeeming quality being lucky, what more.

Manga 6 6.76

Gunjou Reflection add

Koharu is a first year at Funakoshi Highschool for the Performing Arts. She is daunted by the fact that her class is filled with nothing but well-known stars. But one day she wants to "take on a more.

Manga 5 6.83

Tank Collection add

Included one-shot: Binbou Musuko to Goreijou

Manga 1 -

Karakuri Douji Ultimo add

Two beings, one of pure good and one of pure evil, infused with all the knowledge and abilities of their creator, were set to awaken when the world was about to enter its final war. Shortly after more.

Manga 12 7.01

Meitantei Conan: Meikyuu no Crossroad add

Manga adaptation of the seventh Meitantei Conan movie.

Manga 2 -

Shoujo Kakumei Utena: After the Revolution add

Old classmates Kiryuu Touga and Kyouichi Saionji meet at an auction of a painting in New York only to be mysteriously summoned back to Ootori Academy 20 years upon graduating to investigate the fate more.

Manga 1 6.72

Love Live! School Idol Diary Special Edition add Manga 3 -

Katekyo! dj - Chocolate Fondue add

A side story about Kaede and Rintarou.

Doujinshi 1 7.43

Onnanoko x Onnanoko Collection add

Volume 1: Onnanoko doo*shiyo?! "Ecchi na Shukudai Yacchaumon ne!" Hen 1. Onnanoko doo*shiyo?! "Ecchi na Shukudai Yacchaumon ne!" 2. Onnanoko doo*shiyo?! "Doki Doki Otomari♥Issho damon ne!" 3. Suteki na more.

Manga 3 6.82

Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex add

In the not-too-distant future of 2032, the frontier dividing humans and machines has been crossed. Crimes comitted by flesh-and-metal cyborgs are investigated by Section 9, an elite more.

Light Novel 3 7.79

Rori-Ana: Little Anal Collection add

This volume contains 14 stories: 1. After School Princesses 2. An Allowence Advisory (Okodukai Chuuihou) 3. False Fairy Tale ~Shirikodama Sister~ (Usoppu Douwa) 4. The Place I Go Home To 5. Drop Out! more.

Manga 1 6.57

Astral Project: Tsuki no Hikari add

Masahiko is estranged from his family and lives a dead-end life in Tokyo, working as a chauffeur for high-class call girls. When his sister dies under mysterious circ*mstances, he inherits an more.

Manga 4 7.42

Innai Kansen add

A brilliant surgeon originally from a university hospital, Sawamura Iori, and a married physician, Yagi Tomoya are having an infamous affair!! They conduct their taboo affair in a hospital room more.

Manga 1 6.99

Mata Korosarete Shimatta no desu ne, Tantei-sama add Manga - -


Tatsuhiko's love for drawing began at a young age, and his aspiration was to work in animation someday. But when the young boy is bullied for his art, Tatsuhiko swears to never draw in front of more.

Manga - 7.26

Asatte no Houkou. add

Asatte no Houkou. follows the lives of Karada Iokawa, a young girl who is set to join junior high school after summer is over, and Shouko Nogami, a young woman who has just returned from studying more.

Manga 5 6.48

Single Mother add Manga - -

Tantei no Tantei add

Sasaki Rena is a beautiful woman with excellent memory and intelligence. She becomes a private detective and risks her life to chase down evil private detectives, because her younger sister was more.

Novel 4 -

Yumekui Tantei: Utsunomiya Airi no Kikan add Manga 3 -

I-Revo: Ice Revolution add

Being the daughter of a dojo manager, Oosawa Masaki has been practising nothing but karate. Her chance encounter with a certain young man sparks her interest in figure skating. Can a mannish Masaki more.

Manga 3 7.30

Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Anthology Comic: Yokosuka Chinjufu-hen add

A collection of one-shots by various artists.

Manga - -

Jisho to Skirt add

People have always fantasized about that one girl or guy that you thought you never had a shot with or maybe never even considered. Whether they're your classmate, next door neighbor, co-worker or more.

Manga 1 6.20

Spy Kyoush*tsu Tanpenshuu add Light Novel - -

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka add

The kingdom of Dowa, which is subdivided into 13 states, is celebrating its monarch's 99th birthday. These 13 states have many agencies that are controlled by the giant organization known as ACCA. more.

Manga 6 7.55

Kansatsui to Keiji no, Fushidara. add

1-3. Kansatsui to Keiji no, Fushidara. 4-6. Charisma P no Pantsu no Naka Jijou 7. Kansatsui to Keiji no, Sonogo 8. Charisma P wa Bed no Naka

Manga 1 -

Reo! add Manga 3 -

Mangaka Tantei Hiyoko add Manga 2 -

Kantai Collection: Tomarigi no Chinjufu add

Kantai Collection manga featuring heavy cruiser sisters Suzuya and Kumano.

Manga 5 -

Hitorimi desu ga Nani ka? add Manga 5 -

Beautiful People add

Beautiful People is a manga comprised of six profound and thought-provoking short stories. 1. Seppakuhime (Princess White Snow) 2. World's End 3. Anti-Telephonica (Electric Angel) 4. Stalker no Onna ( more.

Manga 1 7.17

Decoration Disorder Disconnection add

Decoration Disorder Disconnection (DDD) is a light novel written by Kinoko Nasu and illustrated by Hirokazu Koyama.

Light Novel - 7.90

B Reaction add

Onodera Kensaku, a self taught martial artist, undefeated street fighter gets his ass whipped by a girl. Not by just any girl, but his home room teacher Asato Nanae and her High Left Kick. You'll more.

Manga 2 6.69

Prince Collection add

This is a collection of one-shots that all have the common theme of a secret host club at a high school called "Prince" that comes to the rescue of various girls who ask for help. Each chapter more.

Manga 1 -

Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen - Tanpenshuu add

Six years have passed since Urano began her new life as Myne, and so much has happened. She went from being a simple commoner to an apprentice shrine maiden, then she was thrown into the world of more.

Light Novel - 7.70
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