Monster Integration - Chapter 3924 Nailed To The Ground Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 3924 Nailed To The Ground

I followed behind the captain, while Captain Hina and the other teams moved from the other direction.

The half-elf is the target.

"Our mission is to kill the target. Don't listen to what he; he is a liar. He could get away, because of these lies."

"If you get the chance, don't hesitate to kill him," said Captain Rahal.

The half-elf had also heard what the white-tailed man had said and moved immediately. This time, he isn't caring about the stealth, but on getting away as far as possible.

Unfortunately for him. He is surrounded. No matter, the direction.

He chose to move in the direction of the weakest team and reached them in a couple of seconds.

He attacked without hesitation, and he was powerful.

Despite being an Initial Sovereign, he is as powerful as Captain Rahal; he would be more if we had been outside of the forest.

Clang Clang Clang!

He might be powerful, but those three are prepared. They defended and held him back, even got injuries, some pretty heavy, till Captain Hina arrived with Tonoy.

A couple of seconds later, we were there.

Captain Rahal immediately jumped into the battle, while we surrounded them, providing long-range support.

"You people are quite brave. Daring to kill a member of Alkaz," he said.

Immediately, a hesitation appeared in our eyes. Tonoy even stopped mid-attack.

"Lies. We had contacted Alkaz, and they said, you are not their member. You are a cultist, that even they are searching for you!" refuted Captain Hina and attacked.

Hearing that, hesitation vanished on faces, and we once again began to attack with our full power.


His rapier cut through my chest, nearly cleaving it. if not for me dodging it; on time, he would have cleaved me into me.

"Be careful." Captain Rahal cautioned.

The half-elf is good, but there are eleven of us attacking. While only two are similar level of strength as him, the nine of us are providing enough support.

Within seconds, the injuries begin to appear on him. They are small, but they are increasing.

Still, the man is fighting, trying to run, but being stopped. The same with the woman.

Their condition is getting bleaker by the second. Especially of the half-elf. Unlike the woman, he won't be able to last for hours, but he might for an hour.

All the injuries are small.

Till now, he hasn't received a single injury that is serious enough, and he has been learning as time passes.


I had just thought about that when something happened.

For the first time in over a minute, fear appeared on the half-elf's face, while a smile appeared on the faces of me and the rest.

The Hog Beastman had separated from the group of four and came at us. 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

The elf tried to run seeing that, but was stopped by Captain Rahal and Heena.

They might not be powerful enough to kill him, but they are skilled enough to keep it contained.

The Hog beastman arrived, with a bloody ax in his hand.

"It's time to go to the underworld, cultist!" shouted the Beastman and swung his bloody ax at him.

There was a fear in half-elf's eyes, but there was also deficiency as he moved forward and swung his rapier in a silent roar.

It is a powerful attack, that puts fear in the eyes of Captain Rahal and Hina's eyes, but not enough to stop the attack.

The ax will be able to avoid it and will cut the man into two.

It happened, the ax avoided his rapier despite its speed and moved toward it.

The half-elf didn't try to retreat, seeing that, instead looked directly at the ax, which would kill him in less than a second.

"Ard!" the woman screamed.

She wanted to try to get away from the four to save her friend. He is her friend and quite a good one, seeing the emotions in her voice.

Unfortunately, she is stuck. She wouldn't be able to save her friend on time.


The blood ax reached him and about cleave the half-elf into two, when a silver-tipped pike came out of nowhere and stopped the ax.

It had not only stopped the attack but also sent Hog Beastman back several steps.

He stopped and looked at the man, who appeared suddenly, without getting discovered. One moment there was nothing, the next he was stopping the eyes.

Even the half-elf didn't seem to believe in his luck.

He looked at the savior, a man wearing silvery armor with green lines. It's beautiful armor covered the man fully. It didn't even show his face, through the helmet.

His eyes stopped at his chest. In the same place, the Hog Beastman is looking with hate.

"Tor!" spat Hog Beastman.

"Twelve against one. I knew, Avros was one of the worst, but didn't expect it to be so worse," I taunted as I took langued steps toward the Hogman.

Which had become instantly alert and summoned all his strength.

"Impersonator, you are no member of Tor. You are a cultist in league with him," he accused, instead of replying to my taunt.

"It is you who is a cultist. All that change in your constitution, body, and soul. It is so foreign, so uncommon. I had only seen such things in cultists," I said.

"Lies!" he shouted and came attacking me.

I swung my pike as he came next to me. It's not fast, but widened his eyes.


Our weapons clashed, stopping him in his tracks before sending him back, with blood leaking out of his mouth.

I grinned, seeing that, before leaping at him, at the same time. Eleven energy lances materialized and moved toward eleven, including me, who watched in horror.

They could feel the power of lances. They couldn't survive these attacks outside. Forget here where they are heavily suppressed.

There is no way, they could defend against it. Still, everyone tried and failed.

Puch Puch Puch

The long silvery lances pierced through their stomachs, nailing them to the ground.

Even Captain Rahal and Heena weren't able to dodge it and nailed to the ground, while half-elf watched in shock.

In less than five seconds ago, he was nearly killed, but now nearly all who had tried to kill him were nailed to the ground.

Monster Integration - Chapter 3924 Nailed To The Ground Free Read Online (2024)
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