Monster Integration - Chapter 3876 The Last Horde I Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 3876 The Last Horde I

'Horde is coming,'

I announced in the net as they entered my soul range. Immediately, everywhere who lying down or sleeping woke up.

"One more horde, of ladies and gentles." Said Captain as we moved to take our position.

He looked around before flying beside me; it was his position.

Because of his long-range abilities. He is one biggest targets of the monsters, and I am the safest person in the entire battle. My defensive abilities could hold off even the leader of the horde.

Some of the bastards were extremely powerful, that I could do nothing to them other than defend them.

In front of my defense, even they have to give up. There is no way past it.

He doesn't impede me; he follows smoothly as I go; attacking the enemies anywhere he wants. I did not like this, but accepted it when he suggested it.

It is all because of that bastard two weeks ago. It attacked me directly; I am the first person that it attacked and if I am not wrong. It had sensed something about me, perhaps forbidden power.

I would have loved to find out, but it was killed by the captain, while it was crazily attacking me.

Soon, the horde entered the range of everyone and the expressions on their faces turned serious.

"The monsters seemed more powerful," said Captain.

"Their strength is 10% to 15% more than what we have faced till now," I replied, and his expression turned bad.

"f*ck me!" he cursed.

'Everyone, be careful; this horde is stronger than any we have faced till now,' he cautioned everyone, a moment later.

The information made many people curse, but nobody moved from their position.

Today everybody is fighting, all Sky Sovereigns. Since there was less than ten hours before we got out of the suppressive zone, the captain decided to end the shift and make everyone fight.

Which is wise.

It will be tiring, but we only need to last for the day. Once we get out of the suppressive zone; the prime will handle everything.


Seconds passed, and the loud roar rang out through the water, with an aura that made every Sky Sovereign's expression change.

The roar came from far, out of the soul ranges, near the edge of the soul waves. I could see the monster and it was extremely powerful; the most powerful Sky Sovereign, I had seen so far.

With this roar, I saw more monsters coming from behind, in such numbers that it horrified me.

"A number like we have never seen before are coming toward us," I said. The captain didn't say anything other than sigh.

"Is it protected?" he asked, and I nodded.

We can just simply go for the horde leader to kill it. It is hard and not wise, till we kill their number. It is only wise. You have the power to blast hundreds of monsters are every attack and there are several people like.

Or we will be getting swarmed by its minions, while the leader is away and makes a mess of our people.

Even with my shield, it is useless. The swarm will never let us move toward the leader.

It is better to bring the leader here, where we have our people, but for that, we will need to kill a considerable number of monsters.

Blop Blop Blop!

Finally, the monsters came, and they immediately attacked those below the water, before coming above a moment later.

I saw tens of thousands of monsters coming out at the same time. The most ever done since we entered the suppressive zone. It was a scary scene, but we were ready for them.

"Attack!" the captain commanded, and we attacked.

Sup Sup Sup!

Our lances, swords, spheres, lightning arcs, and all the other attacks that were clouding the sky, rained down on the monsters.

We have fought so many of the battles that we have created an effective strategy to deal with them.

Puch Rip Puch!

The attacks begin to hit the monsters, killing them. They never had a chance in front of such a massive attack.

In seconds, the sea around the ship became bloody, but it didn't remain as such for much time.

Raor Crrr Tiiii!

The monsters came roaring out of the water, and this time, in much higher numbers. We moved toward them while showering them with our long-range attacked.

Soon, I reached the monsters, and my lances moved like a blade, piercing through their hearts and blasting them apart.

Killing it in instantly.

I would have to use the sophisticated method, instead of brute force, but currently, there are so many monsters that I couldn't waste even a fraction of the seconds required for that.

The bodies disappeared while my lances moved to kill the other monsters.

I am fast and killing hundreds of minutes, but even at this speed is slow compared to the sheer number of monsters around us.

I am not just with the lances, but also with the energy spheres. There are three hundred and twelve of them, and they are moving toward the monsters wanting to swarm us.

Captain is doing even better. Every arrow of his would transform into hundreds and target the monsters.

I had begun to use the sphere instead of lances. They use about the same energy as the hundred lances, that I used before, but are higher in number and kill more monsters.

"It is getting bad, and I have a feeling that things will get much worse," said Captain.

"I am feeling the same," I replied.

In seconds, the horde became the greatest threat we had ever faced on this journey. Bigger than even Grimms, as there is no prime to save us.

Here, the monsters are dying by thousands, but they keep coming at us without care. They want to kill us and didn't care about their lives.

It is the most dangerous thing about the monsters. Even Grimms aren't this suicidal.


Suddenly, I sensed something. It turned my expression serious.

"Three dangerous ones are coming," I said and showed him what I saw. The three eel monsters looked normal, but they were hiding their powers.

Monster Integration - Chapter 3876 The Last Horde I Free Read Online (2024)
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