Can You Sell Your Cricut Machine? (2024)

Are you thinking about selling your Cricut machine?

The short answer is YES. You can sell it. I’m going to show you where to sell your Cricut.

Maybe you’re planning to upgrade to the latest model, or maybe you just don’t use it enough these days.

Whatever the reason, selling your Cricut machine is a viable option.

Where Can You Sell Your Cricut Machine?

You can sell your Cricut in online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, or Facebook marketplace. You can also pawn it if you need the cash quickly.

These platforms allow you to set your price and provide detailed descriptions and images of your machine. Selling your Cricut machine can be done in various ways, and choosing the right platform can help you get the best deal.

Facebook Marketplace is another excellent option, especially if you prefer to deal locally. It eliminates shipping hassles and costs, and you can often sell faster.

Additionally, crafting forums and community boards can connect you with people who specifically seek crafting tools.

Remember to present your Cricut machine in its best light. Clean it thoroughly, take clear and detailed photos, and be honest about its condition and usage.

Including accessories and original packaging can also increase its appeal.

Setting a reasonable price is key – research what similar models are selling for to ensure a competitive but fair price.

Next, I’ll share some of the most frequent questions about selling your Cricut machine so let’s start.

Can You Pawn a Cricut Machine?

Yes, you can pawn a Cricut machine.

Pawning your Cricut machine is a feasible option if you’re looking for a quick way to get some cash. Pawn shops often accept a wide range of items, including electronics and crafting tools like Cricut machines.

When you pawn an item, you’re essentially receiving a short-term loan with the item as collateral. It’s important to note, however, that you might not get the full value of your Cricut machine at a pawn shop.

The amount offered usually reflects a fraction of the item’s resale value, as the shop needs to factor in its potential profit margin.

Moreover, when you pawn something, you typically have the option to reclaim it within a certain period by paying back the loan amount plus any interest or fees.

This can be a great solution if you need immediate cash but plan to get your Cricut machine back.

Just be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the pawn agreement, including repayment deadlines and interest rates, to avoid any surprises.

How Much Can You Sell a Used Cricut Machine for?

You can sell a used Cricut for anywhere from $150 to $250. But, if it’s an older one, you might be looking at around $50 to $100.

It’s all about the demand and how many people are looking for what you’ve got, along with what model you have. The older models will sell for less money and the newer models will sell for more.

Another thing to keep in mind is where you sell it. As we discussed, if you sell it at a pawn shop you’ll get less money but you’ll get it quicker.

If you sell it on Facebook Marketplace or eBay and you’re willing to wait, you can get more money for it. It’s really up to you how much you want to charge for it but it should be in line with what others are selling it for.

Do I need to unregister my Cricut before selling?

Yes, it’s important to unregister your Cricut machine before selling it. When a Cricut machine is registered to an account, it’s linked to that specific user’s Cricut ID.

Unregistering ensures that the new owner can register the machine under their account and access all the features and software updates.

To unregister, you’ll usually need to access your account settings on the Cricut website or contact their customer support for assistance.

This process protects both you and the buyer and ensures a smooth transition for the new owner.

How do I register a used Cricut?

To register a used Cricut machine, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Cricut ID: If you don’t already have one, create a Cricut ID on the Cricut website or through the Cricut Design Space app.
  2. Connect Your Machine: Connect the Cricut machine to your computer or device using a USB cable or via Bluetooth.
  3. Open Cricut Design Space: Launch the Cricut Design Space software on your computer or app on your device.
  4. Follow the Prompts: In Cricut Design Space, there will be prompts to guide you through the setup process. This typically includes machine registration.
  5. Complete the Registration: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process. You may need to update the machine’s firmware as part of this process.

If you encounter any issues, Cricut’s customer support can assist with the registration of your used machine. You can include this information when you sell your Cricut to make it easier for the buyer. Most buyers will ask about registering their machine.


In wrapping up, choosing the right platform for selling or buying a used Cricut machine and understanding the process of registration and unregistration can seem daunting at first.

But with the right guidance, it’s quite manageable. Whether you’re upgrading to a newer model or are new to the world of Cricut crafting, navigating these aspects is crucial.

Remember, a little bit of research and preparation can go a long way in ensuring a smooth transaction for both sellers and buyers. It’s all about making the process easier and more accessible for everyone in the crafting community.


Can You Sell Your Cricut Machine? (2024)


Can I resell my Cricut machine? ›

You can sell your Cricut in online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, or Facebook marketplace. You can also pawn it if you need the cash quickly. These platforms allow you to set your price and provide detailed descriptions and images of your machine.

How do I unregister my Cricut? ›

How do I delete my Cricut account?
  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Select the person icon, then My Account to access your account details.
  3. Once under My Account, select Delete Account to begin. Respond to the on-screen prompts to confirm the account deletion action should be taken.

How do I reset a Cricut to sell? ›

You can perform a Hard Reset on the Cricut Imagine by following the steps below.
  1. Power off the Cricut Imagine machine.
  2. Hold down the button below Menu, the button directly above Menu, and power all at the same time.
  3. Hold them until a rainbow screen appears, then release the buttons.

Do you have to register your Cricut machine? ›

Cricut cutting machines and heat presses are registered automatically when you complete the New Machine Setup process.

Do pawn shops take Cricut machines? ›

Yes, you can pawn a Cricut machine.

Does Cricut have a trade-in program? ›

Check out the Trade Up Program Details: Cricut is launching a trade up program (today!) where you can upgrade your older Cricut (or even a competitor machine!!!) to an Explore Air 2 or Maker for a discount. The discount is $30 off an Explore Air 2 bundle and $50 off a Maker bundle (Shop all the bundles right here.)

How do I unlock my Cricut machine? ›

To properly open Cricut Maker machines

Gently lift the lid until it magnetically disconnects from the door. The lid will raise until in its fully-open position. As the lid raises it will trigger a catch for the door to be released so they will come to a resting open position at roughly the same time.

Can you factory reset a Cricut machine? ›

After unplugging your Cricut Maker machine, at least wait for 30 seconds. Plug in your Cricut machine to the power source. If the machine is still not working and can also try restoring the factory settings. To restore the factory settings, go to the settings, then to the System Restore Factory Settings.

Is it legal to sell Cricut designs? ›

You shall not infringe or encroach upon Cricut's or any third party's personal, contractual or proprietary rights, including, without limitation, patents, trademarks, copyrights, rights of privacy or publicity or trade secrets.

Can I still use Cricut without subscription? ›

This is kind of a loaded question, but the short answer is no, Cricut Access is not necessary. You can use your Cricut machine and Design Space for free, without an Access plan, and still make all kinds of awesome crafts. In other words, you are not required to purchase Cricut Access.

Can I register a used Cricut maker? ›

Can I Register a Second Hand Cricut Machine? Yes, you can register a second-hand Cricut machine or a new one before December 31. Then, you can avail of unlimited free uploads to Design Space.

How to set up a used Cricut maker? ›

How do I set up my Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machine?
  1. Plug in the machine and power it on.
  2. Connect the machine to your computer with the USB cord or pair it via Bluetooth.
  3. Go to in your browser.
  4. Download and install Design Space for Desktop (help article).

Can I sell my Cricut design? ›

Does Cricut own my artwork? No, Cricut does not own your artwork. You can sell your artwork elsewhere, too. Keep in mind that once your artwork is submitted and approved though, it will remain in Design Space.

Where to sell your Cricut items? ›

If you're a dedicated Cricut maker, you can earn money selling crafts locally, on an online marketplace, or through your own ecommerce website. If you're excited by the thought of turning your hobby into a source of income, you might be ready to start your own Cricut business.

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