Alexa Backlinks Domain Age Yahoo Indexed Pages (2024)

1. Google Page Rank - Digital Point Forums

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  • I am desperate to know that how to get page rank ?? I have a website whose domain age is one year, now please help me what to do to get Google Page Rank ??

Google Page Rank - Digital Point Forums

2. Automatic Website Analysis Tools - Haden Interactive

  • 23 dec 2010 · Website Grader found 1,040 indexed pages and ... links, and Alexa and Compete ranks. We're a ... domain age, links, etc. We can find them ...

  • We do website analysis and strategy reports for $850 and we’ve seen them offered elsewhere for $1000 or more, but you can also have it done automatically by robots online for free. How do the free services compare? We ran our lab site,, through a bunch of them and here’s what we found out: […]

Automatic Website Analysis Tools - Haden Interactive

3. SEO Parameters - The Comprehensive Guide - SEOquake

  • Bing Index - the amount of indexed pages examined by Bing for the given domain. Alexa Rank - A ranking of the websites arrayed by ascending score, measured in ...

  • Parameters can be categorized into two categories: parameters-values and parameters-links. Parameter-value is a calculated value generated for a given link, for example, Alexa Rank. This means that quantitative value is needed for the given parameter. Parameter-link is a parameter that is simply displayed as a link instead of an actual value. For example, when you click into the SEOquake panel, the Whois link would be considered a parameter-link as it redirects you to a different page.

4. [PDF] Architecture for Checking Trustworthiness of Websites

5. SEO Tools - The Web Pitch

  • ... website (backlinks), and ... The statistics include Alexa Taffic Rank, Age of the domains, Yahoo ... pages indexed in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc.

  • As part of my research, I will look into Search Engine Optimisation. What are the best ways to boost your position in search engines? What keywords should you use on your web-pages? And which tools…

SEO Tools - The Web Pitch

6. Optimizing for Yahoo! -

  • The Yahoo! Algorithm - Differences With Google. Like all search engines, Yahoo! too spiders the pages on the Web, indexes them in its database and later ...

7. How Domain Age Affects SEO Rankings - Index Backlinks

  • 9 mei 2021 · While domain age has a small effect on SEO, the site's age is an important factor. The older a site is, the more relevant it is in the long run.

  • Domain age is one of the key indicators that determine the trustworthiness of a website. It also affects its relevancy score on Google and its backlink profile. However, domain age should not be relied on alone. For example, a

How Domain Age Affects SEO Rankings - Index Backlinks

8. Onpage Ranking Factors Supported By WebSite Auditor - SEO PowerSuite

  • Pages indexed in Google — the number of pages from the domain indexed in Google. Pages indexed in Yahoo! — shows how many pages of the domain were indexed by ...

  • Analyze your site for a variety of onpage ranking factors with WebSite Auditor: Google PageRank, page popularity, cache date, etc. See full list and request more.

9. Search Engine Saturation Tool,Checks For Indexed Pages ...

  • This tool allows you to compare the number of pages that is indexed in your website with the competitor's site. On the blank fields you can enter the websites ...

  • Search engine saturation tool checks for indexed pages and compares with other competitors sites entered.

10. Domain Age Checker - Check Website Age - Prepostseo

  • ... backlinks, do not forget to check domain ... If a domain is registered 10 years ago and indexed in Yahoo ... You can check domain age for up to 10 sites by using ...

  • Bulk Domain age checker tool to check age of multiple websites. This tool also check the created date and last updated date of domain names.

Domain Age Checker - Check Website Age - Prepostseo

11. Website Analyzer, mozRank Checker, Website Performance Test.

  • ... age, Website Reputation, Meta Tag Analyzer, Readability Index, backlinks checker ... Yahoo Backlinks; Bing Backlinks; Alexa Backlinks ... Links from important pages ...

12. Majestic Developer | GetLinkedDomains

  • number of URLs from root domain added to our index ... Traffic rank of the root domain from Alexa (only ... domain was present in backlinks of both root domains.

  • Deprecated - Scheduled for removal - Replaced by GetRefDomains

13. 5.5 The smartest way to see what value links bring

  • ... domain URL) or from different sites of the same owner. ... The more people visit the website, the closer it is to the top in Alexa ... Domain age in SEO SpyGlass.

  • Check the smartest way to see what value links bring.

14. Check Alexa Ranking OF Bulk Domains AT Once

  • it provides this information for free on its website and additionally provides periodic reviews of the most popular sites (by category or by language area). For ...

  • Free bulk Alexa rank checker, check up to 100 domains in one click, sort result and get more details for each domain

15. Page Rank Check | Affordable Design by Moxie

  • Total Google Backlinks, Alexa Backlinks ; Site Advisor Rating, Technorati Rank ; Bing Inbound Links, Altavista Links ; Yahoo Indexed Pages, Total Yahoo Inlinks

  • Moxie Design offers a complete suite of affordable design solutions to cover all your requirements. With packages to suit every need we offer a one-stop-shop for every level of business from sole-traders and small start-ups to international corporates and government agencies.

Alexa Backlinks Domain Age Yahoo Indexed Pages (2024)


How long does it take for backlinks to get indexed? ›

In fact, Google has listed backlinks as one of its top two search ranking factors alongside having great content. But in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), results rarely happen overnight. So how long do backlinks take to work? On average, it takes about 10 weeks for a backlink to impact Google rankings.

What is indexing backlinks? ›

· 1y. Backlink indexer is a unique tool that allows you to add specific addresses to the Google (or any other search engine's) index. More precisely they force Googlebot to crawl the page, and the fact whether it gets into the index or not depends on the quality of the content on the page.

Can a blog rank without backlinks? ›

Can you rank without backlinks? Short answer: yes. I have firsthand experience coaching our clients to build content strategies that help them consistently rank, and link building is never a key element of those strategies. At least, not at the outset.

How many backlinks do I need to rank? ›

A good website has 40-50 backlinks to its homepage and 0-100 to each subpage. Too few backlinks mean Google's robot crawlers won't boost your pages in search engine results. However, too many can look like you're receiving backlinks unethically, so they won't be counted, either.

How to get backlinks indexed fast? ›

6 Ways to Index Backlinks Faster
  1. Using Google Console or Bing Webmaster.
  2. Using Web 2.0.
  3. Using Pinging Tools.
  4. Sharing Articles or Backlinks On Social Media.
  5. High Quality Backlinks to Your Site.
  6. Using Video Sitemap.
Mar 18, 2023

How to build 100 backlinks in 30 days or less? ›

In particular, you'll want to create and share an infographic, build your social signals, search LinkedIn for contributors to publications and ask for mentions, guest blog, and write testimonials. Do these things, and you'll be off to 100 or more backlinks within the next 30 days.

Which backlinks should be avoided? ›

What Kinds of Backlinks Should You Avoid?
  • Paid Links. Search engines look at your site's value based on how well it's been liked by other real and earned sites. ...
  • Backlinks in Press Releases That Are Not Newsworthy. ...
  • Low-Quality or Irrelevant Directory Links. ...
  • Low-Quality Forum Backlinks. ...
  • Domains with High Spam Score.
May 27, 2024

Can backlinks hurt SEO? ›

Toxic backlinks are links that some SEO tools say could hurt your website's Google rankings. The implication is that you should disavow them to keep your site safe. But there's some disagreement and confusion among SEOs as to whether “toxic” links are actually a thing and what, if anything, you should do about them.

Do comments count as backlinks? ›

Blog comments are NoFollow backlinks

But they contribute to your overall authority profile.

What pages should you build backlinks to? ›

We all know that a backlink can help improve the visibility of a webpage in Google. As a result, you're going to want to build backlinks to all the pages on your site that you would like more visibility for. These pages are typically going to be your Homepage and service pages.

How many backlinks is it safe to create a day? ›

A general guideline is 5–10 new quality backlinks per day. Going above 15+ new backlinks per day, especially low-quality ones, risks triggering spam filters or penalties. Build links slowly, steadily, and naturally. Focus more on building high-quality, relevant backlinks from authority sites in your niche.

What is the toxic score for backlinks? ›

Toxicity Score is how the Backlink Audit Tool determines which of your links are the most urgent to investigate. Toxicity Score is based on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being good and 100 being very toxic. There are currently 45+ different Toxic Markers that Semrush uses in determining the Toxicity Score for a link.

How do I know if my backlinks are indexed? ›

Simply copy and paste the backlink into Google, hit the search button, and see what pops up. If that backlink back to your site pops up in the search results, it is indexed.

How long does indexing usually take? ›

How Long Does Indexing Take? According to Experts. The time it takes for Google to index a new page can vary significantly, ranging from several hours to several weeks. According to John Mueller, a Google Search Advocate, most high-quality content is typically indexed within about a week.

Why Google is not indexing my backlinks? ›

Your Backlinks Are Not Worthy Enough. Google has a policy that doesn't recognize low-quality links. When Google doesn't value those low-quality backlinks, then your website traffic from search engines will be dramatically reduced and your SEO efforts will be completely hindered.

Is getting 100 backlinks from 100 different websites better for ranking? ›

Question: Getting 100 backlinks from 100 different websites is better for ranking purposes than getting 100 backlinks from 10 different websites becausesearch engines consider link diversity a sign of organic, independent endorsem*nts of a website's contentif we get too many links from the same website, the search ...

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